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I am on hiatus right now!! There will be delays.

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Happy Halloween, everybody! I hope you have a ~spoopy~ time!

Here's some candy for you! To get it, just comment here with your favourite meme.
Pictures are optional but appreciated, so we can share the joy all around. (づ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)づ

Current candy inventory:

x05 x03 x05 x04 x05 x03 x04 x06

sugar given: 27
sugar received:
dina, adelicya, lita, lee, jun, kiri, miro, makorin, nikita, raie, netbug, sujini, ivory and horn, kaede, jessu, reneetwist, coops, neenee, tanna, shar, ana, cooper, lex, raven, erin, cassie, aru
dina (green)
adelicya (red)
lita (brown)
olivia (blue)
kiri (purple)
lee (red)
jun (green)
makorin (orange)
raie (purple)
miro (grey)
sami (green)
ivory and horn (orange)
kaede (red)
sujini (blue)
erin (grey)
jessu (green)
nikita (yellow)
coops (brown)
raven (red)
tanna (blue)
lex (purple)
colouring book 132 (blue)
ana (grey)
colouring book 132 (blue)
cassie (yellow)
reneetwist (orange)
colouring book 132 (grey)
cooper (grey)
colouring book 132 (grey)
arianne (yellow)
colouring book 132 (red)
crazy colours 141 (green, yellow)
netbug (brown)
host club giveaway 146 (yellow)
host club giveaway 147 (brown)